One-of-a-Kind Real Pearl Necklaces and Bracelets.

No Two Are Alike. You will be giving her the only one!


Each Necklace is a Hand-Made One-of-a-Kind and consists of three separate parts intended to be given at separate times. (Think Valentines, her Birthday & Christmas). You're shopping is all set, for a year. But of course they can be given all at once as a set.

The three items consist of the main necklace, a second loop, and a matching bracelet for the wrist. All three are real pearl. The main loop can have a pendant of metal or real stone (such as Petosky or Leelenau).

Each item can be worn individually or all together on those special nites out.

If she is a One-of-a-Kind, Stone Her Today with a One-of-a-Kind handcrafted real pearl necklace.

She will never walk into a room where someone else has the same necklace. She will have the only one of its kind, on Earth.

Each one is gift rapped and mailed to the address you specify. Each item is $99 or $270 for all three and includes shipping and taxes.

Don't delay! As One-of-a-Kind items, once one is sold it is gone forever.


So text me now (Julia) at:  260-255-8494 to acquire her One-of-Kind gift.